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17 February 2007 @ 06:34 pm
Brushset one: Tinytexts  

download here
For Adobe Photoshop 7 and higher, but the imagepack is included if you use another program.

*Comment when taking (here on LJ, if you don't mind :))
*Credit when using
*No hotlinking
* Don't claim as you own!
Current Mood: goodgood
Kay: Stock yellow flower_keng_ on April 4th, 2007 04:00 pm (UTC)
Downloaded... thanks! Will credit when used on kookicon!! :-)
just_naturally: Ginjust_naturally on April 4th, 2007 04:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks! These are cool!
hazy: viggo: textual by mehazyshade on April 4th, 2007 04:04 pm (UTC)
awesome, thanks! will credit :)
CJ: I like pretty thingsgymcatgrl on April 4th, 2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
lovely! ♥ Downloading, will credit in my resources!
Thanks! =D
Jenna: fomerly chocolate_coinsjennashaped on April 4th, 2007 05:01 pm (UTC)
oh these are lovely! will credit :)
Anything that happens, happens.tininess on April 4th, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)
:> me took. thanks for sharing!
drarmp1t †drarmp1t on April 4th, 2007 05:43 pm (UTC)
LOVE IT. deff snagging it and will credit with use ;D Thank you :D
『 Tian-Shi 』~ ♫fruity_taste on April 4th, 2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
T+C thank you!
misaseba: icon3misaseba on April 4th, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
Oh my! Scribble brushes!! /me loves! ♥ Thank you so much! >:3
AMYLEET: eyelinerfuzzychan on April 4th, 2007 06:27 pm (UTC)
Snagging! And will list you on the resource page.
Lizziemaybellineicons on April 4th, 2007 06:35 pm (UTC)
snagging and crediting! :)
Miss B.: La Corda D'oro Duo protect meabsolute_enigma on April 4th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
took them. will credit ^^
The Drow: Mimi ~ Back in Black 2rotschopf on April 4th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
Snatching :D Will credit, when I use them.

Kara: Robin/Mariani_am_a_cylon on April 4th, 2007 08:27 pm (UTC)
Snagging with credit.
Nicole: catherinelittleangel1987 on April 4th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Downloaded and will credit you in my userinfo :)